• Contingent on NSW Health orders, the season opening race will be 30 October. Please note that this is currently (as per the lastest NSW Health guides) only for fully vaccinated members. The club encourages all members to get fully vaccinated.
  • Please show your vaccination certificate to a management committee member when entering the club. How can I prove I’m fully vaccinated? You can prove you are fully vaccinated through your:
  • Where can I access my proof of vaccination? You can access your proof of vaccination (COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement) using:
  • If you need to collect equipment, please follow the sign-in requirements using the app: A12SC QR Code Checkin-out 1-01-2021.pdf
  • Membership and registrations are now due!! Forms can be found on the Membership page.
  • Try Sailing for 2021/2022. The October session has been cancelled to the ongoing COVID restrictions. However, the February 2022 session is still planned. Please see our Try Sailing page and register here on this page.
  • Come and join the "Friends of Abbotsford" initiative! This is a bi-weekly social event when the club is open.
  • Newsletters can be downloaded from the news page
  • The latest COVID management plan is summarised herePlease adhere to these rules as the alternative is to close the club! In addition, the club could be liable for penalties up to $53,000!
  • Phil Marsh is the Club COVID Officer, he is the main point of contact for questions about COVID management at the club.The COVID-19 management plan will be reviewed by the management committee on a monthly basis and any changes will be communicated to all members.

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  • Would you like to support the future of the club?Abbotsford 12 SC has teamed up with the Australian Sports Foundation to give a tax deductible donation to the club. Please visit our funding page if you would like to help secure the future of the club!

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